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Sports Round-Up

Sports Round-Up: Mental Toughness

BY HALEY HANSON | EDITORIAL INTERN An athlete’s mentality, confidence, and skills are what separate the elite players from the average ones. Mental preparedness and toughness are the key aspect to be successful in today’s sports. How you approach the... Continue Reading →


Sports Round-Up: “EARN EVERYTHING”

BY GRACE GELONE | EDITORIAL INTERN Watching the NBA All-Star Game, a Gatorade ad I had never seen before came on, centered around what looked like a girls’ high school basketball team with the tag lines “EARN EVERYTHING” and “MADE... Continue Reading →

Sports Round-Up #12: “Perseverance is Key”

BY LAUREN LUND | EDITORIAL INTERN I started playing sports when I was five years old and now, at 17 I have inevitably been in many games or practices where things aren’t going my way. Sometimes on the basketball court,... Continue Reading →

Sports Round-Up #11: We Are Vessels, Not Objects

BY BETHANY ELDRIDGE | EDITORIAL INTERN “Heidi Klum is no longer a 10”. This kind of body rhetoric can be found at any local supermarket, in any given issue of a women’s magazine. What makes this specific quote disheartening is... Continue Reading →

Sports Round-Up #10: Watch Me Play

BY OLIVIA SKIBIEL | EDITORIAL INTERN Every sport is a type of universal language. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf or water polo, sports are known worldwide. But the problem with the sports world is not the specific game, but... Continue Reading →

Sports Roundup #9: Sexism and Domestic Violence in Sports

BY MARIKA KROMBERG | EDITORIAL INTERN A few times a day, scrolling down my Twitter feed, I see an outburst about domestic violence. More often than not, it’s a reaction to the double-standard of men and women in regards to... Continue Reading →

Sports Round-Up#8: Embracing Change

BY DAVI BORROMEO | EDITORIAL INTERN The 2016 summer Olympics showcased several highlights, such as the USA Women’s Basketball team taking home its sixth gold medal and Michael Phelps carrying the flag on behalf of the United States in the opening ceremony...

Sports Roundup #7: The Short Skirt, Hard Hit and Nonexistent Pay Gap

By Melina Monlux, Editorial Intern Recently, the US Women’s National Soccer Team made headlines yet again.  But this time it isn’t due to some triumphant moments or tremendous wins.  The women have taken up yet another fight, yet another uphill... Continue Reading →

Sports Round-Up #6: Finding Inspiration Abroad

By Megan Mattison, Editorial Intern Hope Solo, an American soccer goalkeeper who has won two Olympic gold medals and a World Cup gold medal, once said, “It’s clear that women athletics are pretty far behind in every way. In terms... Continue Reading →

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