The Awesome Sports Project welcomes submissions from anyone, at any time, on works related to our mission to promote the voices of female athletes, to explore their identities and experiences, and to advocate for girls’ and women’s sports.  We welcome works in the forms of personal essays, poems, photo series, videos, or other visual arts. Written work should not exceed ~2,000 words.

All submissions are read by our editors for quality and freshness. If accepted, each work will undergo a revision and fact checking process with the writers. We will also ask you to send photos for publication.

Part of our mission is to help girl athletes find their voices and tell their stories. Young writers and artists are encouraged to submit and work closely with our editors. Parental permission required for publication for youth under the age of 18.

All submissions can be emailed to In subject line, please write “Submission by ________ (last name)”. For time-sensitive submissions, please write “Timely Submission by _________” in subject line.

Due to our limited volunteer staff, we will publish only the best work.